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Website hosting is what allows your domain to be seen on the web. I like the analogy that your domain is your RV (recreational vehicle), this would be www.yourcompany.com. Your hosting is like paying a fee at a campground to park your RV. This is the place where all the files for your website are kept. OcalaWebPros now only offers premium hosting services. 

Ocala Hosting


Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting packages are the most affordable option for hosting websites that need minimal resources. This is usually good for most small businesses. This type of hosting allows for many websites to share the resources of one server. Server customization is unavailable for this package.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS Hosting is similar to shared web hosting but is a scalable solution that will allow you to gain more server access when needed. VPS allows for server customization when needed. VPS cost a little more than shared hosting but gives you more flexibility and control for your hosting.

Dedicated Servers

As the title states, this is one website for one server. Generally, a dedicated server is only needed for websites that produce a high volume of traffic. Dedicated servers are generally utilized by enterprise-level companies who are looking to have full control of server resources.