Google Analytics Set Up | Monitor Website Traffic

Google Analytics Set-up and Monitoring

Track what channels are driving traffic and what’s converting

As a marketer, one of the benefits of living in a digital world is that nearly every aspect of your online campaigns can be monitored. Website visits, email opens, link clicks - all trackable.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools will allow you to pinpoint what digital channels and keywords are bringing visitors to your website. Not only that, you can also track what is helping or hindering visitor conversion once they get to your website.

With the knowledge of what keywords and ads are working, you can focus on where you need to spend your advertising dollars. Proper conversion tracking can greatly reduce the cost of sales conversion.

Google analytics



Organic Traffic

What is bringing unpaid traffic to your website

PPC Advertising

Track and compare the effectiveness of paid ad campaigns


What keywords are bringing visitors to your website

Social Media Metrics

View what social channels are best your budget

Website Conversion

What actions are visitors taking (or not taking) on your website

Email Conversion

Know when prospects are opening and clicking through your emails