AKA..the art of being found on Google

There are many ways for companies to be found on the web. As an SEO Agency, we’ve found that social media is great, pay per click is popular, but a top organic placement on Google search results is like the holy grail of digital marketing. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of building your website’s credibility with the search engines (Google, Bing as well as Yahoo..) in order to improve ranking for search results.

The search engines use complex algorithms to decide on search results. 

Their goal is to show the most relevant information to those searching the web. Google wants to ensure its users have the best possible experience when using their product, so they use a wide range of factors to determine what is most relevant for each search engine result. Our goal as an internet marketing agency is to optimize these different factors.

Search Engine Marketing is a tedious and time-consuming process but has shown great long-term returns when performed correctly. Depending on the market, it can take 6 months to a year to become competitive in local organic search engine results.


Be wary of companies that offer guaranteed results. Google works very hard to ensure that no one can “buy a position” in its search results. When it comes to partnering with an SEO company it’s all about the proof in the pudding. Can they show results and give references?

The OcalaWebPros team is very familiar with the steps it takes to rank a website well with the search engines and work daily with these tasks. We work with local businesses, in the Ocala area, who are happy to vouch for our services.

Give us a shout if you have any questions about search engine optimization or for a free quote.