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Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation is defined as the use of software programs to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns throughout multiple channels such as email, social media and websites. These platforms allow you to automate repeated task to allow you to efficiently keep in contact with prospects throughout the sales process.


A simple example is sending a thank you email when someone signs up for a newsletter on your website. Another example would be sending an email or showing banner ads to someone who visits your website. You can even create content-specific ads or emails for visitors that view specific pages.

The purpose of this software is not only to automate repetitive tasks but to help nurture prospective buyers through the sales funnels with drip campaigns.


There are dozens of options for streamlining your company’s marketing and sales. Some are free, most have freemiums that can help you become familiar with their product. Some options like Salesforce and Hubspot are complete solutions but can be outside of the budget of small businesses. You can piece some of them together – some are compatible and some aren’t.

The problem is, it can take months to figure out which programs are best for your company’s needs and within your budget. OcalaWebPros has worked with nearly every marketing and sales platform out there and can help you decide on what options are best for your company.

We can implement and run your campaigns or can guide you through the process of on-boarding and management. Contact our automation specialist today to find out more.