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Landing Page Creation

Landing pages are key for lead generation

Landing pages are ideal for capturing information from prospective website visitors that are interested in your products or services. When you can entice prospects with your online ads, the pages you send them to need to be as acutely relevant as possible. The goal is to focus on the specific offer that enticed them so they are not distracted by other products, services and content on your website.

If you’re a mechanic and you run an ad for a discount on brake repair, you don’t want to send the visitor to a landing page about transmission servicing – or your home page for that matter. You need to send them to a landing page that focuses on the benefits of brake repair with your company and a sign-up form so they can collect on your offer.



When you link your online ads and email campaigns to landing pages, you can track conversions and in-turn are able to quantify the results of dollars spent. OcalaWebPros design team will work with you to create well-designed landing pages to help convert your website visitors into sales prospects.


Build Email Lists

Emails are still gold in marketing. Landing pages are great for collecting emails from all media channels – Social media, website, content marketing, etc.

Convert Visitors to Prospects

The moment someone “opts in” to one of your offers, they officially become a sales lead. From here you can continue to nurture them through the buyers journey.

Offer Relevant Content

Landing pages are created for specific offers. Don’t lose interested website visitors by sending them to your home or contact us page from outside marketing channels.

Track Conversions

Creating different landing pages for each promotion will allow you to monitor which marketing channels are really working. Pinpoint where your advertising dollars are best utilized.

A/B Testing

Simple changes can really make a difference when converting visitors to prospects. Statistics say the color of a call-to-action button can increase conversion by 20-30% in some situations.

Segment Users

Not all prospects are the same. When you segment users, you’re able to tailor marketing content specifically to each type of prospect. Don’t just shoot-and-pray with general content advertising.