How To Register Your Business On Google

claiming your google my business profile

How To Claim Your Google My Business, Bing Places & Yahoo Profiles

 Register Your Business With Google

Claiming your Google My Business listing is the first step to having your company gain clients from the internet.

To do this, you’ll simply have to submit your a few business details for your Google My Business listing, then Google will require you to verify your location with a postcard.

Don’t worry, if you work from home and you don’t want prospective clients (or everyone else for that matter), trying to look through your windows on Google maps, you’ll have the option to set-up a service area rather than a service location.

Click here to claim your Google My Business Listing.

Register Your Business With Bing Places

Claiming your Bing Places profile is basically the same process as Google My Business A few details, postcard verification and your good to go.

Click here to claim your Bing Places business profile.

Claim Your Business Listing With Yahoo

Claiming your profile with Yahoo doesn’t require a postcard, but they make it tough to find where to claim your free listing, which is now managed by Yext. I’ve included the steps below with screenshots.

Click Here To Claim Your Yahoo Business Listing

yahoo business listing image 1






Fill out this form and click, ”Scan my listing”

yahoo business listing image 2
Click “Fix All Errors”

yahoo business image 3
Fill out this form and click, “Continue”

yahoo image 4
You’ll land here, don’t freak out. Scroll down towards the bottom of the pricing table.

yahoo image 5

Crammed in this mess of a page is the option to Claim your basic listing with Yahoo. Click here and you’ve made it through their gauntlet of overpriced listing services, congrats!

Call me if you have any questions related to claiming your business listing on Google, Bing or Yahoo. My personal cell phone number is listed below.