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Email Marketing

EMAIL MARKETING – Still as important as social and display ads.

Some may say email marketing is dead, but there are well over 200 billion emails sent and received daily. Email marketing is a great way to nurture prospective buyers through the sales process and is fundamental for keeping in contact with current clients.

The challenge is competing with dozens or even hundreds of other emails in the inbox. How do you relay your message when consumers are over inundated with emails? You must present value-oriented content that educates and delights consumers in order to have your messages opened. A catchy intro is helpful, but can be hit or miss. Consumers are no longer “tricked” by clever subject lines.

To produce consistently high open rates and click-throughs, you need to establish your emails as a useful resource to the recipient. To do so, you must provide something that can provide a solution to what problem your buyer persona may be experiencing – even if they don’t know they are experiencing it.

Our writing staff will ensure that your message resonates loud and clear with readers, while our design team creates stunning emails that not only tell prospective buyers what you want them to hear – we’ll make you look great while doing it.

OcalaWebPros can train you or your staff with onboarding and management of your email marketing campaigns and offer a full-service option to allow you to focus on doing what you do best.